We are passionate about bringing Risk and Assurance to life to benefit and streamline complex organisations

Supported by a broad range of industry experience ranging from Insurance, Superannuation, Financial services, Health and Aged care, QC Technology delivers Enterprise Risk Management without the burdon of audit fatigue.

Who is QC-Technology?

QC Technology is an Australian owned RiskTech, designing and developing products with 100% onshore resources utilizing Microsoft ASP .NET Core 2.1 and is fully integrated with Microsoft Power BI. 

The QC Technology platform originated as a sales culture assessment tool within the Insurance and Superannuation industries. Quickly gaining traction, the QC Technology platform expanded to become sales and claims assurance assessment tool reporting directly to APRA (D2A) for Insurance related prudential standards.

Collaborating and consulting with Australian Health and Aged Care providers, similarities across the risk management landscape were identified between the Australian Health and Aged Care industries and the Financial Industry.  It was observed, Australian Healthcare industries manage risk through deeply entrenched professional virtue while financial institutions have entrenched specialised risk based functions.  Similarly, Healthcare accreditation and governance bodies namely the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) are actively working to embed a standards led risk management framework similar to the three lines of defence prescribed by financial regulatory bodies such as APRA.

The close collaboration and cross industry experience within QC Technology, enabled QC Technology to rapidly enhance the already proven frontline performance weighted assurance platform to incorporate an underlying risk engine which interconnects frontline assurance with Key Material risks and Policy.

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