Enterprise Analytics

Assurance Configuration

Migration to QC-Technology is easy with the support of the frontline assurance configuration team. The extended flexibility of the QC frontline assurance module allows QC Technology to rapidly configure and deploy frontline assurance of any complexity utilising a number of performance, response, policy and risk weighted controls.

Bespoke Implementations

QC Technology deploys customer bespoke environments in independence, this approach ensures your QC Technology hosted information is securre within the Microsoft Azure cloud and is not shared across a common database. Your QC application, Your data, Your independent environment.

Power BI data visualisations

Each customer deployment can utilise power BI embedded within the QC Technology platform. Each embedded Power BI service is configured with an out of the box offering and experience which can be quickly extended, modified and deployed to suit your specific reporting requirements and needs.

Custom Reporting and Automation

Where QC Technology Poer BI is not suitable, QC Technology provide a number of Information As A Service (IAAS) offerings including;

  • Autoamted Sheduled Data Extracts
  • Automated Excel Summarisations
  • Direct read only SQL access

Consulting Services

With industry advisory and domain expertise QC-Technology can provide consulting services to enhancce, streamline and improve your Assurance and Governance. Specialty industries include;

  • Healthcare and AgedCare
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance (general and underwritten)
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing and Production